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Fasting is a natural healing and purification function that is innate and instinctive in all living creatures. Due to the wonderful detoxification and rejuvenation processes that occur during a fast, health professionals and spiritual masters throughout the ages have recommended fasting as the best way to heal from illness, rebalance our priorities and reconnect to our deeper wisdom.

A thorough-going rest, by fasting, is the most favorable condition under which an ailing body can purify, repair and rejuvenate itself. It is the most potent method for healing and health maintenance. Everyone can derive great benefit from a properly conducted water fast.

Fasting provides the ideal context for tremendous healing to take place in our body, mind and spirit. However, fasting is not a cure, in and of itself. Fasting provides the most favorable environment and conditions for the innate life force within the body to cure itself - to most rapidly and effectively do its healing work.

Fasting is instituted by the living body when internal toxin levels reach a threshold that threatens the function and survival of its cells. During any acute illness, our appetite naturally diminishes, and all we want to do is to rest and sleep. Our body intelligently focuses its energy reserves to the task of eliminating the offending toxins and healing damaged cells and tissues. It diverts energy from the muscles and gastrointestinal tract; this is why we feel like lying down and only drinking fluids when sick. Our body uses this opportunity to most effectively and efficiently cure the underlying problem of our illness: internal toxin build-up.

Physiological Facts about Fasting

  • Fasting is an instinctive, highly regulated process that occurs during the complete abstention from all food, supplements, protein/electrolyte drinks, etc. Only pure water is taken as desired.

  • As the body continues fasting, it scavenges any and all superfluous fat stores, abnormal tissues, cysts, adhesions, fibrous growths, etc. for breakdown and recycling. All important organs and structures are preserved during fasting. Functioning of cells, tissues, organs and systems are healed and rejuvenated as much as is possible.

  • Growth and healing continue during the fast; these processes slow during long fasts.

  • Physical symptoms may occur during the fast, which reflect the intelligent innate control of tissue repair and optimal healing. Our body is working at the degree and speed that it knows can best eliminate obstacles and restore health.

  • Fasts longer than 3 days require supervision by a health professional with fasting expertise to properly monitor the progression and conclusion of extended fasts. Qualified supervision helps insure a safe and successful fasting experience.


Fasting: Nature’s Way To Heal and Rejuvenate

Unlike conventional medicine and alternative healing therapies, fasting actually allows and encourages the body to heal itself, rather than simply treating symptoms as these therapies attempt to do. Treating symptoms only deals with the effects of disease. To truly heal, you need to address the cause(s) of disease. Fasting provides the body with the optimal conditions and opportunity to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins, and heal any prior damage. Fasting is the best way to deal with almost every disease condition.

The benefits of water fasting are numerous and include a much higher-functioning physical body, greater mental clarity, and a deepened sense of connection to all life.

Water vs. Juice Fasting

With water fasting, there is no food being ingested. The body is living on its own stored reserves. When "fasting" using only juices, fruits, certain foods, etc, there is plenty of nutrition being ingested. The effects and results are dramatically different. While these types of fasts may have their place, they do not at all compare to the potent restorative effects of pure water fasting.

With water fasting, since no food is consumed, there is a great conservation of energy that would normally have gone to the many energy-intensive processes of digestion. With this great amount of extra energy now available, added to the natural cleansing capabilities built into the body, great detoxification, repair and healing can be carried out very quickly... and that is exactly what happens.

This metabolic process of burning primarily fat for energy is called ketosis. It begins after about 48 hours, and is a natural, built-in process for extending a fast as long as necessary.

The body stores uneliminated toxic debris primarily in our fat tissues, so deep cleansing does not begin until the ketosis stage of the process. This means that “juice fasting” (which is a misnomer as juices supply both calories and nutrients) is far less effective than true water-only fasting, because the body never switches into ketosis - the most beneficial, deep-healing part of the fasting process.

It is sometimes said that juice fasting is much more gentle, and this is true. It is more gentle because plenty of nutrients are being supplied, and the food being digested is broken down and absorbed very easily and quickly. This allows for extra vital energy to be used for cleansing and healing than would normally be available. But to really get to work, water fasting will quickly and efficiently get the job done.