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Dr. Sniadach will recommend dietary changes for your specific health condition in the weeks prior to your arrival. These changes will greatly optimize your fast and allow for a smoother and more comfortable detoxification process.

General Guidelines to Prepare for Fasting

Ideally 4 weeks before your fast, but at least 2 weeks before your arrival, taper off and eliminate any fried food, stimulants or sedatives - coffee, chocolate, herbal teas, recreational drugs, etc. You may go through some minor withdrawal symptoms: headache, muscle aches, maybe stomach or intestinal discomforts. If these occur, drink PLENTY of water and get extra sleep/naps/R&R. Don't take any medications; just stay with it until the symptoms disappear. It will pass.

Ideally 4 weeks, but at least 2 weeks before your visit, eliminate all red meats, cheese and milk (any dairy), pasta and breads.

Two weeks before your fast, stop eating chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs. Continue to eat lots of fruits and veggies and salads. Brown rice, beans, and potatoes are good starches to eat. Go very easy with spicy stuff: garlic, onions, spicy peppers, and any other strong spices.

One week before your fast, stop using oils in cooking and in salads.

Four days before your fast, eat only raw, ripe and fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds. This will start the internal cleansing process. Continue this diet until the third day before your departure. For example, eat 4-5 oranges and a small handful of almonds for breakfast. Or 4-5 bananas at a time as a meal. Eat until full, and as often as you need to.

Two days before your fast, eat only fruits. All types of fruit are fine; eat plenty.

One day before your fast (your arrival date here), consume only juices. Any kind of juice will do - fruit or vegetable. Make sure it is 100% juice and ideally freshly made. Do not add sugar, spices or tart/pungent ingredients (pepper, ginger, garlic, etc).


During your trip to Vida Clara, be sure to not eat any airplane food or other junk food! You've prepared very well... don't sabotage your excellent progress! Bring watery fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, or grapes) on the plane with you if they will not allow you take liquids on the plane. Drink plenty of water.

You will begin your fast immediately when you arrive.

By following this protocol, you will get your body and metabolism moving into the "cleansing" direction, and make it most comfortable to slip right into your fast with ease.

To Summarize:

4 weeks (minimum 2 weeks) before fasting - Eliminate fried food, coffee, chocolate, sugar, red meat, cheese and dairy products, refined pasta and breads.

2 weeks before fasting - Eliminate fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs.

1 week before fasting - Eliminate oils on salads and in cooking.

4 days before fasting - Eat only raw, ripe fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. No spices.

2 days before fasting - Eat only fruit - any kind, all you want.

1 day before fasting - Consume only 100% fresh fruit or vegetable juice.