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Fasting will greatly help heal most disease conditions, often permanently. In the vast majority of cases where medication or surgery is recommended, fasting and intelligent living will always result in extraordinary improvements. Avoid the toxicity of medication and the permanent injury of surgery with the wise use of fasting and Natural Hygiene.

It is in the fasting state that the body is given the opportunity to purify its tissues, to eliminate undesirable tissue accumulations, growths, etc. It also allows the body an opportunity to let stressed and abused tissues heal.

Cardiovascular Disease & Hypertension

Most cases of cardiovascular disease are wonderfully responsive to fasting care.  Nearly all patients will achieve and maintain normal blood pressure without any more use of medications if they make the necessary changes in their lifestyle. Angina, intermittent claudication and arhythmia are examples of conditions that will respond rapidly to fasting. Often patients can achieve freedom from pain and medications within a few days or weeks. Cholesterol levels will rapidly drop and normalize.


From the Natural Hygiene point of view, cancer is a final-stage disease manifestation; in other words, if cancer is occurring, then the body has been in a deeply enervated and toxic condition for many years. The body has been poisoned for so long that the immune system simply cannot keep up any longer with the damage being done to it.

Cancer itself has been classified into various stages and phases - basically speaking, "early", "moderate" or "late (severe)" stage. There are many other ways to describe the symptoms and progression of cancer. The bottom line is that things are quite serious and radical, healthful measures must be taken immediately if one wishes to survive.

Fasting is best utilized when cancer is in the early stage. At that time, the immune system may still have enough power to stop the disease and begin to reverse the effects, if one is willing to completely change all lifestyle and thinking habits into more healthful ones. Serious, firm decisions must be made to learn what true health is all about, and to immediately dump all unhealthful practices from your life. Anything less is suicide.

Fasting in moderate and late stage cancer is usually not beneficial, though in some specific cases it may help alleviate pain. Best to not get oneself into this predicament to begin with.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Esophageal reflux, gastritis, peptic ulcer, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome all respond especially well with fasting, as one might expect with the cessation of food. No food to digest means no work for the digestive tract and all associated organs. This allows the body to devote all its energy to repair and rejuvenation of the structures and processes of digestion.

Sane, hygienic eating and lifestyle practices after the fast will insure continued healing and ultimate recovery of good digestive functioning.


Type II diabetics often respond beautifully to proper fasting and a careful diet afterwards. Diabetes can be so debilitating for many people, with lifelong monitoring and medications required. Even with the use of such therapies, eyesight, circulation and all organs and tissues continue to suffer the consequences of impaired functioning. As with all therapies, nothing is corrected; symptoms are merely managed or suppressed.

With fasting, diabetics can look forward to regaining and maintaining normal glucose levels and a medication-free lifestyle. Adherence to an intelligent diet and healthy lifestyle will keep hormonal balances intact and optimize pancreatic functioning and cellular glucose metabolism. Digestion improves and blood chemistry maintains normalcy.

Type I diabetics generally should not water fast. Certain type I cases may derive good benefit from supervised fasting, but it must be done carefully.

Migraine Headaches

Severe migraine headaches can be extremely debilitating. Fasting will help to get at the root cause of most migraines: chronic toxicity. Every migraine case I have worked with has responded beautifully with fasting, experiencing long-lasting relief. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle after the fast will maintain a migraine-free life.

Arthritis and other "itis's"

All "itis's" (arthritis, bronchitis, lupus, gingivitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bursitis, gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, colitis and all the rest) have, as their root cause, chronic, irritating toxicity. These are all chronic inflammatory diseases, meaning that the disease is always there... only the symptoms seem to come and go. As long as one continues indulging in a lifestyle that results in far too much garbage going into the system, in addition to constant emotional stress and tension, one will have to bear the consequences of chronic pain and suffering. If we stop putting junk into the body, it will quickly clean things up and recover from the 'itis it is suffering from.

Fasting, of course, will greatly speed up the process of detoxification and help the body on its way to full recovery. All 'itis's are quickly overcome by living intelligently.




An allergy is a sign of a hypersensitive immune system. Why would an immune system become hypersensitive? Because it is being challenged, taxed and overburdened constantly... and eventually something's got to give way. Certain substances will cause an aggravated response, and the resulting inflammation will cause much suffering. Symptoms can range from mild skin rashes all the way to full-blown, life-threatening anaphalactic shock and respiratory emergency.

The answer? Give the immune system a break! Fasting will provide the perfect conditions for the immune system to rebalance itself and rejuvenate itself. Time off from the constant daily overload of having to remove far too much toxicity in the bloodstream and organs gives the immune cells a well-deserved rest. Blood chemistries will move toward normal; marginal, worn-out white blood cells will be autolyzed and new, fresh ones created. The previous hypersensitivity will greatly lessen as the overly-sensitized cells are cast off. Intelligent living after the fast will keep the demands on the immune system within reasonable limits, allowing it to regain normal sensitivity and healthy functioning.


Asthmatics are very pleasantly surprised to experience deep, full, unrestricted breathing after just a few days of fasting. Again, it is simply a matter of ceasing the input of injurious substances into the body long enough for it to cleanse and repair itself. Continued fasting allows the body to "dig deeper" into lung tissues to remove injured cells and replace them with healthy ones. The trachea, bronchioles and alveolar structures are quickly repaired and optimized. Because breathing is such an immediate and vital function for life, the body works very quickly to repair its respiratory system.

Relaxed, deep breathing allows the deeper emotional roots of chronic disease, including asthma, to come into awareness and expression. All chronic diseases have multiple layers, multiple dimensions of causative factors - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. As better physical functioning begins to return with fasting, these more subtle dimensions of disease appear to our awareness, providing insight and understanding of the source of our discomfort. Processing and release of very old bound-up emotions can occur rapidly, freeing up even more vital energy for healing and rebalancing.

Fibroid Tumors, Ovarian Cysts, Cervical Dysplasias, Reproductive Organ Growths, STD's, Prostate Enlargements and Erectile Dysfunctions

Once again, we deal with problems that are directly caused by a self-destructive lifestyle. Toxic foods constantly ingested, enervation of vital functioning due to overuse of sexual energy, sexual conflicts causing shame, guilt, fear, and repression of normal sexual desires all play their part in diseases of the reproductive organs. Indeed, enervation, fear, and suppression play a primary causative role in all disease.

Fasting, healing emotional conflicts, and sensible living will put you on the path of permanent healing in all cases.

Back and Neck Problems, Joint Pain, Muscular Pain, Traumatic Injuries

All musculoskeletal problems respond favorably to fasting, healthy diet, wise use of movement rehabilitation techniques and hygienic living. Chronic degenerative tension and movement patterns develop due to fear or trauma. If left unattended, these tension patterns develop into regular postural and movement 'habits', quickly becoming unconscious. Once unconsciously held, you don't even realize the tension you are carrying around with you every day.

Fasting and wise use of body awareness and movement techniques, such as the Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais-style methods will rapidly help you regain optimal use of your body and its abilities. Pain syndromes will vanish, and a profound ease and lightness will spring forth inside your body. Use the fast to begin this process of rehabilitation, whether due to traumatic injury or old degenerative disease, and go from there. This is the most thorough and rapid route to healing.

Contraindications to Fasting

Not everyone is a candidate for fasting. There are a number of factors to consider before a fast is recommended. This is the reason for you to fill out your Health History Form very thoroughly, so that together we can make the best choices to help you reach your goal.

People Who Should Not Fast

Although most people can fast, there are a few who, because of special conditions, should not.

* People who are extremely emaciated or in a state of starvation
* Those who are anorexic or bulimic
* Pregnant, diabetic women 
* Nursing mothers
* Those who have severe anemia
* Those with an extreme fear of fasting
* Those with certain rare, genetic metabolic defects (porphyria, and a specific fatty acid deficiency which prevents the normal initiation of ketosis)

Research and Fasting

Many clinical studies have examined the use of fasting for the treatment of numerous disease conditions, far too many to list here. You may be interested to research online to find out about them. You can read a short summary of some of them here.