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"I often observe in fasting participants that concentration improves, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia ceases, anxieties fade, minds become more tranquil, and the natural joy of living begins to reappear." Gabriel Cousens, MD

Fasting Can Help

Many people understand that fasting helps the body cleanse and heal itself very rapidly. Fasting also helps to detoxify and heal at deep mental and emotional levels.

A fast helps us 'get out of our own way'. Great leaps forward are made during a fast as the protective layer of ego thins, allowing you to feel and release old emotions and gain deeper insight into yourself.

Fasting can provide a giant leap forward in the process of releasing mental and emotional toxins that cause inner conflict and emotional tension.

Fasting can help you become conscious of old conditioned mental and emotional programs - ways you see yourself, others, and life; attitudes, fears, defenses; "shoulds" about how we are supposed to be and how to live; regrets about the past and anxieties about the future that keep you stuck and unaware of the beauty of this very moment.

Many people become very rigid with their armor of conditioning - conscious and unconscious beliefs, attitudes, thought patterns - and wonder they are so unhappy. Fasting helps you see this armor in yourself as it creates a distance between your simple, natural self and your life formed by the rules of society. During a fast, you can see all things with great clarity and deeply contemplate whether you want to keep living your life in the same old ways.

Fasting can facilitate the release of unresolved emotional pain from yesterday and long ago. These old wounds can dissolve and melt away, if you are willing to surrender them. It need not take years to heal. Fasting softens the ego and its defenses to heal emotions at the deepest level. We need only to get out of our own way.

Peace is the natural state deep within you - it has been there inside you all along. Fasting can help it begin to emerge and then it is your job to live well, so it can become your abiding state of awareness.




The Mind Body Connection

Most people understand the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle on the body, but few really understand and take responsibility for the impact of poor nutrition on the psyche. Junk food, coffee, and alcohol do not mix with a goal of peace and serenity. They create the opposite effects, both mentally and emotionally.

People often seek solace in food in today's stressful society, but their choices of "comfort food" only serve to perpetuate their emotional pain. The nervous system requires proper nutrition to function well.

Negative thoughts and feelings also create congestion and toxins in the body that further impede its ability to function well. For example, digestive problems are often caused by stress and anxiety.