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The minimum requirement for conceiving and having a healthy baby is healthy parents, especially a healthy mother. Potent male sperm production and strong female fertility absolutely depend on a healthy body. If the body is fit and healthy, fertility and reproduction is automatic. If the body is malnourished, unhealthy or diseased, reproduction will be very difficult, if not impossible. Nature does not want to allow reproduction of unhealthy life forms!

The standard American diet, by definition, interferes with proper functioning and destroys health. Food additives, pesticides, unnaturally processed and refined foods result in an increase in infertility for men and women.

Financial Costs of Infertility

An estimated 10% of American couples have trouble conceiving. Assisted reproduction has become an over two billion a year business. The average cost of a single cycle of in vitro fertilization, including medications, egg retrieval, sperm washing, fertilization, incubation, and embryo transfer, is $12,400 (2006). Given all the failures and repeat attempts, the average amount spent per baby born through IVF in the United States is $100,000. Few insurance companies pick up the tab and many couples struggle to afford the exorbitant costs of infertility.

Emotional Costs of Infertility

Men and women often feel a deep sense of inadequacy with the inability to get pregnant. Depression and anxiety are common in infertile women who have a deep longing to have a child.

Infertility problems can create enormous stress on marriages. Infertile couples complain of the agonizing disappointment of the costly and unsuccessful attempts to bear a child. The sexual relationship often becomes strained as it becomes a means to an end and limits the spontaneity, pleasure, and emotional intimacy of lovemaking.


Fasting Makes Sense

For women, fasting is an economical and common sense method to resolve infertility problems as it is noninvasive and works with the body, rather than through force or manipulation. Fasting helps by assisting your body's natural efforts to remove toxins and obstructions, thereby rejuvenating and improving all the functions of your body, including reproduction. When all the systems of the body are healthy, conception is much more likely to occur, pregnancy will be sustained, and the whole process will move forward to a successful birth.

For men, fasting will cleanse the bloodstream, rebalance the hormones and optimize metabolism, greatly improving the ability to have a normal erection and to sustain it. The body moves rapidly toward normal, healthy sperm production and sufficient sperm count to greatly increase the likelihood for fertilization.

If unhealthy and unfit, your body is much more likely to reject fertilization, to reject a developing embryo and to suffer miscarriage. Even if all of this manages to go forward, birth will often be traumatic and difficult for both mother and child, with lasting consequences.

Medical methods focus on fertilizing the egg. But often the woman's body rejects the fertilized egg and the devastated couple has to start all over again. Why try to force an unhealthy body to get pregnant? Through the detoxification of fasting and a healthy diet of fresh, whole foods, exposure to proper sunshine, getting plenty of deep sleep, adequate exercise and a satisfying marital relationship, your body is not only much more capable of conceiving, it also becomes a viable and healthy home for your growing fetus.

Parental Devotion Begins Early

Think about it, do you want your child to grow in the best of environments? Physical systems and especially nervous system development of the growing fetus are greatly affected by the condition of the mother's physical and emotional health. Your child's health in mind and body are at stake here. Doesn't it make sense to take some time for you to get healthy first? Let your parental wisdom and devotion begin with this most important realization and commitment. Do all you can to make your body a willing and nurturing place for your unborn baby to develop and thrive.