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All senses of the body improve with fasting. In fact, sensory improvement can be quite dramatic in many cases.


The eyes may go through varying periods of vision changes. Most of the time you will not notice much difference, but there may be phases when your vision gets sharper or blurs. You may notice floaters (small specks) increasing in number in your visual field. Then they will decrease greatly. Your eyes may get very tired and heavy from time to time, and you may experience some detoxification through the tear ducts.

Often fasters remark of improved color vision, better focusing abilities and overall sharper vision. The whites of the eyes get clearer and the iris may improve its coloration and patterning. Astigmatisms often decrease. Diseases of the eyes often respond quickly and favorably as the metabolism of the eye structures is quite rapid.


Like the eyes, the ears may go through varying temporary changes during the fast. Hearing may become hyperacute, then become dull for brief periods. The background 'hum' of the inner ear that is heard in quiet surroundings may increase and then decrease. Overall hearing becomes more acute, sensitive and discriminating.


During your fast you will likely experience all sorts of taste sensations, good and bad. Your tongue will become quite coated as detoxification proceeds. Various sensations will come and go - metallic tastes, chemical tastes, pungent tastes, sour tastes. Many fasters describe tastes in their water which are not in the water at all! It is all a part of the detox process as reflected in the oral mucosa.

After the fast you will experience a wonderful, highly improved sense of taste. When you finally get to the end of your fast and it is time to enjoy your first delicious taste of fruit, you will be amazed! You will find that all food tastes far more flavorful and rich than previously. You will notice many subtle flavors, textures and sensations that you never noticed before. Food becomes a marvelous, even sacred experience!




The sense of smell is a very primal, instinctual ability. It has many direct neural connections with our primitive brain areas, and immediately triggers very strong memories, reactions and desires. Like all the senses, smell sensitivity will vary during the fast, ultimately improving significantly. Many who claim little or no smell ability pre-fast will be amazed at how much it has improved. Along with smell, you will notice how very much improved is the sense of taste, as they are so intimately tied together.

During the fast you may notice many smells, subtle and strong, pleasant and offensive, especially your own! As you detox, all sorts of smells emanate from your body - chemicals you may have ingested, old medications, foods and spices, cosmetics and cleansers, and many more. It all makes its way out, and this is nature's way to rid the vital domain of garbage.


Touch becomes very sensitive, sometimes hypersensitive and even painful. As toxins are released from the nervous system, individual sensory neurons may become irritated and extra-sensitized. These episodes will usually quickly pass.

Also you may experience the re-activation of hypersensitivity and pain at old injury sites in your body. All sorts of old injuries may be addressed by the body for deeper and more thorough healing. Strange sensations and pains you haven't felt in years may arise and the area gets warm as this deeper healing occurs.

Overall touch sensitivity increases and becomes more discriminating, along with pressure and temperature sensitivity. The pleasure of touching and being touched increases significantly.

Kinesthetic Awareness

Your kinesthetic awareness (the internal sense of body location and movement in space) also improves, oftentimes considerably. The sense of balance, steadiness, precision and smoothness of movement results in a far more explicit feeling of flowing movement and relaxed ease within your own body. Coordination improves and the ability to deeply relax is restored. You will enjoy your body more than you have in years.