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"Thank you Vida Clara for providing such a loving space for this transformational process.

The setting for the supervised fast and re-feeding was outstanding: Belize is a land of immense natural beauty, and it also has a very low population density, providing a feeling of lush spaciousness. Taking a step back from my daily life with its schedules and demands was such a gift. There were plenty of beautiful nature trails for walking, and the orchard was truly inspirational! The love that has been put into this piece of land was joy to experience.

The gorgeous guest cabin was tucked back into the woods with nature all around me, providing plenty of solitude, yet help was never too far away. All my material needs were taken care of thanks to Marcelle's loving care. Daily check-ins and expert guidance with Robert provided reassurance throughout the fasting process. Both Marcelle and Robert were available for emotional support. It felt like it was safe to let go--of who others expect me to be, of who I think I am supposed to be. This was quite a liberating experience... and now there's no turning back! 

For years I have been trying to address some nagging chronic ailments, through many different routes. During my stay at Vida Clara, I gained a more continuous awareness of a deep-seated cause of chronic dis-ease that I had only had glimpses of before--a feeling of living my life like I'm trying to drive with the emergency brake on. Of trying to hold together a solidified identity, of resisting "going with the flow" at every turn. In the course of this retreat, a new door seemed to crack open for me, of releasing control, and learning to trust the flow of intuition's guidance. My hardheaded resistance to this has been a major source of energy blocks in my body, and this pattern much harder to ignore now! After being home a month, the benefits are still unfolding. And I thankfully continue to receive support and guidance from Robert and Marcelle over email. Overall, I got way more than my money's worth!" :D

U.S. - Garberville, California


Dr. Robert and Marcelle at Vida Clara take you back to the basics at their own little Garden of Eden in Belize. You won’t get the feeling you are being sold something or coerced into anything. There are no fancy recipes, regimens, or concoctions for you to buy, no gift shops, no T-shirts.

Vida Clara is an example of the highest integrity in healthcare. It is pure passion and love of the work. The place and the people are a rare find in today’s confusing world of healthcare options that offer the latest drug, the newest supplement, the best diet or sure-fire miracle cure. Robert and Marcelle are the real deal.

Along with their extensive experience, skill and knowledge that comes from treating hundreds of fasters and patients over 20+ years, Robert and Marcelle employ the age-old tools of simplicity, humility, common sense, deep respect for their clients, and profound trust of nature’s built-in healing processes----with plentiful doses of kindness and genuine care mixed in!

I never felt I was being spoken down to, always felt completely at ease and comfortable, always felt encouraged to question anything. Nothing was off limits to share and reflect upon. What a refreshing experience of honest to goodness healthCARE!

You’d think after so many years of water fasting for health maintenance (since this 56 year old was in her 20’s), I would no longer be amazed. But every time I fast, I still am. I am simply amazed at the supremacy of the system at work in my little old body.

Dr. Robert is modest about water fasting’s potential. “Fasting is not a miracle cure”, he told me repeatedly, “but it’s a remarkable opportunity. Our body’s natural process does its best, but we live in a complex system being acted upon by a variety of unknown outside influences.” Not a miracle cure perhaps, but for me, the best damn route to the best possible health---at the only place in the world I could recommend for doctor assisted water fasting. Vida Clara has my highest regard and recommendation.

P.S. I realize I’ve not mentioned the amazing natural environment, the clean, comfortable and beautiful accommodation complete with hammock, the newly planted orchard of earthly tropical delights, the friendly doggies who hung out on my stoop, the serenading birds (a pygmie owl was my favorite), the elegant full moon and the starry, starry sky that kept me company during sleepless nights, or the rainbow that showed up my last day in Belize! And I realize I didn’t go into the array of emotional and spiritual issues my fast brought to the forefront and that continue working through me three weeks later!

B.G., Harrisonburg, VA


Testimonials from our California Retreat (our former location):

    "Since the water fast I have slowly realized how much I have gained in personal insight and general well being. The fasting experience has given me a new awareness and connection to my body and health that I never would have guessed. It feels like information that I am slowly unraveling as I go through the day to day challenges of life. Food is no longer the confusing demon it use to be and my cravings are events now that I can stand back from and look at objectively and then make rational decisions about. Amazing!
   It has all been a process for sure but I feel so much more in control of my health as well as understanding it in a much deeper way.
   I am probably going to do another fast on my own in March for a few days because I can feel my body asking for it! Again thank you and Marcelle for all your support, knowledge and great conversations!"
D.S. - Boston, MA

More from D.S.
   "Just to let you know I had a another D&C to check the status of the complex hyperplasia atypia cells that were in my uterus and they were gone!!!
   My doctor was in disbelief. She was actually just humoring me to have another D&C because she said that the cells wouldn't just go away on their own. She was shocked when she read the results!!! Yahoo! I am so happy!!!
   I did tell the doctor about the fast, but of course she more or less rolled her eyes discreetly. Even after she had the test results back and was so perplexed she had to discuss them with other peers, she still refused to think that the fasting had anything to do with it! She said, "Most likely the first D&C (months ago) took out the bad cells completely." But then why didn't come back?! You know it takes a long time for the trained ones to learn to think out of the box!
And don't worry, I am staying on the program now more than ever! Once things calm down here I will fast again and keep on with all the good things the fast has given me. Who knows.. maybe I'll be back for another visit next year! Thank you again for all your help, knowledge and support."




 "My Water Fasting Retreat was by no means a retreat, but rather intensive in all senses of the word. I have searched for years of my life, attempting to recover my still young body from debilitating intestinal and emotional wounding and scarring.
    I came to Vida Clara with a firm grasp that I was entering the unknown, fearlessly willing to gain clarity, freedom from distress and helplessness from my past. I thought I knew myself pretty well, but a seven day water fast filled with living, breathing proof of the toxins leaving my body unmasked my web of illusion that I had allowed others to create for myself. With the expertise of Robert and Marcelle, I dramatically brought myself to truth and reality in five days.
   The fast made me vulnerable enough to unwind and expose the callous that blocked my ability to heal my deepest and darkest wounds. I achieved more in these ten days than I have at any moment in my life. I now have compassion for and love myself for the first time ever, can see life as it truly is and broke down the wall that my true self was hiding behind for all those years. Life could not be better!
   I am thankful that I had the passion, energy and drive to change my life and am forever thankful to Marcelle and Robert. They will forever have a place in my heart, next to myself."
R.J. - New York, NY  


"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the ten day Water Fasting Retreat. One does not usually use the words 'enjoy' and 'fast' in the same sentence, but I must say that I did truly have a good time. I felt at all times very safe under your watchful guidance. Both of you were excellent counselors. I especially enjoyed the metaphysical chats that I had with you, Robert. Marcelle, I deeply felt your warm empathy.
   I experienced a greater improvement in health as a result of my seven day water fast. My constipation is greatly relieved and my feet just keep getting better. Upon returning home, my husband said I was 'glowing'. The most important result of the program, however, was the spiritual growth that I experienced. I came home with a new commitment to find my highest spiritual potential in this lifetime. Things just haven't been the same since. Everything is so much clearer. Life is wonderful with the new clarity that I am experiencing.
   Thank you both for sharing your hearts and your wisdom with me. I am not the same person since returning from my retreat."
K.L. - Atlanta


 "Individually, you are two of the most incredible people I have ever met! Together, WOW! What positive insight and energy! Thank you so much for the insights you afforded me.
   Robert, you prepared my mind and my body to accept the changes which were within my reach. Marcelle, you opened my mind to new and everlasting ideas. Together, you gave me the opportunity to grow within myself and to take this growth forward; hopefully positively affecting those who are close to my heart. I remain a student of life, but my week here opened the door to infinite new worlds. I am in awe of all those who have and will be touched by you! Keep up the good work!
   Thank you!"
D.C. - Albuquerque, NM


   "I wanted to let you know the feeling of love, joy and bliss are ever present within me since I have been at Vida Clara!! Thank you both for being the vehicle for me to step into the next level of my life. Thank you for allowing me to arise to my own conclusions and truth through your love, experience and wisdom. I am definitely spreading the word of the amazing combination of meditation and water fasting. I am always thinking of the divine life force in all living things and foods.. especially when I juice (that has been my daily meditation with my new juicer... Thanks Robert :)
   I am still constantly amazed at what my eyes perceive and what my heart truly sees now! What a gift it is for us to live in such harmony with life. I am thankful again for my time with you both.You two are incredible people and I constantly have the warmest feeling within the depths of my soul when I picture myself there seeing all the beauty that surrounds me. Even in the city, even with the busyness of daily life, I am free!"
A.K. - Los Angeles, CA


   "I am grateful for the time I have spent at Vida Clara. It has been incredible. The level of commitment, wisdom, and expertise Robert and Marcelle possess is a gift to experience. It serves as constant motivation. Robert and Marcelle work together in a brilliant way to assess the needs of the individual with profound awareness, clear insight, patience, and compassion.
   I came with an expectation of how this time would unfold. While my stay was much different than I had expected, I know I received what I needed. Vida Clara receives my highest recommendation to come to experience what is true about health, healing, life and so much more. It is a place founded on truth reflected in daily interaction. I have learned the necessary tools to go further on this path. My experience at Vida Clara has planted honest seeds of clarity which continue to inspire me to follow the path of spiritual growth, truth, and freedom. Thank you! I feel blessed to know you!"
J.H. - Austin, TX


[From C.M. after an 8 day water fast, who has a history of lupus/SLE. Systemic Lupus Erythematosis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys].
   "Just wanted to update you on how I am doing. Still doing well. Still painless in the knees and minimal pain in the left arm. Food is digesting well. Mainly eating vegetables in salad or soup form. Started to do my trampoline workout today about 15 mins right now. My days have been very relaxing. Received my test results for the ANA (a primary diagnostic blood test for lupus) and I am happy to tell you it was NORMAL this time. After testing positive for 2 years it's great to know my water fasting has definitely paid off!
C.M. - Alhambra, CA