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A Pure and Simple Place to Fast

Naturally, a pristine environment is essential for fasting and detox. With this mind, we spent years searching for an ideal place for a fasting retreat. We chose this land for Vida Clara as we feel it is a wonderful place to truly rest, rejuvenate, and heal.

We are a simple place in the vibrancy and tranquility of nature. We are not a fancy resort. At Vida Clara, you breathe pure air, drink fresh filtered water from our natural spring, enjoy the beauty of 40 acres of private land with forests, a large creek with waterfalls, and an organic orchard.

The brilliant stars and soothing sounds of owls lull you to sleep at night. You awaken fully rested to the morning songs of tropical birds. Being immersed in nature has amazing rejuvenative powers and assures deep rest for body, mind, and soul.

As a fasting guest here, we encourage you to listen to the needs of your body each day. You can relax and nap or read all day in your hammock. You can journal, enjoy a DVD movie on your laptop, lounge in the gentle warmth of the morning sun, bird watch, stretch, slowly stroll through the nature trails, and bathe in the clear creek waters.


The Guest Cabin

We have one guest cabin for fasting guests. Our spacious cabin is ideal for one person or a couple. It is tucked into a hillside for the cool shade of the forest. It has views of the surrounding forest and mountainside. Enjoy open windows and fresh air, even during the rain with the extended roof design. The cabin is very private, but close enough to us so we can meet your needs as they arise.

Beautiful wood ceilings and floors are made of local tropical hardwoods. The large screened porch with a ten foot ceiling is a great place to relax. Sway in the hammock as you enjoy the soothing tropical bird songs.

The cabin has a full size bed, hammock, lounge chair, large desk and a bathroom with toilet and sink. A outdoor garden shower is just few steps away in a secluded area next to the cottage. Our refreshing natural spring water flows directly from its source to the shower.

We have solar power and satellite for electricity and internet access. The cabin has electrical outlets. Internet access is available in a nearby building for guests who bring their laptops.



Fasting Supervision

Dr. Sniadach lives on site and is always available for any needs that arise during your stay. Each morning he visits you to monitor your progress. He takes your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, weight, etc.) and monitors other body signs and symptoms to carefully assess your progress. Dr. Sniadach talks with you about how you are doing with your fast and answers any questions that you have.

Natural Health Education

If you are interested, Dr. Sniadach helps you understand health from a Natural Hygiene perspective. He helps you empower yourself with principles and practices that allow your body to naturally heal and stay well. Sessions are geared to your level of understanding of Natural Hygiene and for your specific health needs and goals.

Sway in the porch hammock as you relax and bird watch

After Your Fast

Enjoy delicious, fresh, in season tropical fruit following your fast. Dr. Sniadach continues to closely follow your progress during this period to insure a safe and healthy recovery from your fast. The refeeding period is half as long as your fast. For example, if you fast for eight days, you refeed for minimum of four days.

Is a Fast Right For Me?

All prospective guests complete a thorough Health History form so Dr. Sniadach can determine if fasting is advisable for you. He also has a phone consultation with you to further assess your health needs and answer any questions. Dr. Sniadach helps you prepare for your fast with specific dietary changes and frequent email contact in the weeks prior to your arrival. These changes will greatly optimize your fast and allow for a smoother detox process.

Fasting is not just about taking a break from eating for a while. Fasting is an ancient spiritual practice designed to take your mind away from the material distractions of everyday life so you can focus your energies inward. Fasting leads to a relaxed awareness so you can reconnect to what matters most.

For your mind and body to fully rest and heal, it is best to take a break or "fast" from your normal daily routine and responsibilities. This is far easier when you get away from home so you can focus completely on your own healing and well being. Far away from any demands or detractions, you can begin to feel your own natural rhythms again.

Fasting expands your perspective and provides new clarity about yourself and your life. Many people benefit from fasting during periods of "stuckness", change, or indecision in their lives. This inner clarity helps you move forward in your life with new strength and purpose.

"Nature is man's teacher.  She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence."

~Alfred Billings Street