This 40.4 acre property is in the Cayo District of Belize. It has a large creek with many small waterfalls, lush tropical jungle, forested hillsides and fertile valleys. It is ideal for a healthy, natural and self-sufficient lifestyle in providing clean air, pure natural spring water and rich soil to grow your own food. This private and peaceful sanctuary allows you to enjoy nature at its best. (Please see this link if you are interested in the Natural Hygiene health program, fasting and healthful living that we espoused at the Vida Clara Farm.)

You have everything you need already established here:

  • Three furnished cabins and a secure storage room
  • An organic orchard with 100+ fruit trees (many exotic varieties)
  • A gravity-fed natural spring water system for a pure, reliable and abundant water supply year round
  • A 3600 gallon (13630 liter) water storage tank
  • A solar power system
  • Hughes satellite for reliable, high speed internet access
  • Fenced orchard and living areas
  • 4X4 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck
  • 5500 watt generator
  • All the construction and garden tools you need

This property is perfect for people seeking a serene, off-grid and sustainable lifestyle. This property has the rare potential for self-sufficiency and a large amount of land available for expansion.

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